the Dutch harpsichordist Gustav Leonhardt (1928-2012) transcribed/arranged the works for solo violin and solo cello for harpsichord in the years 1975-1978. His recordings and recitals were very impressive and successful.  On the initiative of his wife Marie and his daughter Saskia Leonhardt I am currently preparing an edition of these transcriptions from his manuscripts. See also Facebook!


The works are: 

- violin solo: BWV 1001, 1002, 1004, 1005 (first movement Altnickol or WF Bach?), 1006

- cello: BWV 1010, 1011, 1012

- Allemande (flute) BWV 1013, Sarabande (lute) BWV 997.

This will result in some 150 pages of “new Bach harpsichord music"! Many of these pieces are among the most attractive Bach ever wrote (Ciaconna, Preludes, Sarabandes etc).

In order to support me convincing an editor that believes in it and also that it will sell in printed form, you can help me by liking and sharing this message among your friends and colleagues! If you think you it is likely you will buy this book (perhaps 2 volumes) it would even help me better if you send your name and address to (without any formal obligation of having to buy it). I will do my best to keep the publication not too expensive.

Everything is typeset now, and I am in the course of a second correction round. Herewith I include a few samples. 

0-Bach transcr complete
1-Bach transcr complete
2-Bach transcr complete
3-Bach transcr complete
4-Bach transcr complete